The Fruit of Eve

Posted by rjagilbert on September 5, 2011 at 3:25 PM

In Eden God once put a tree

Bearing knowledge of how things “should be”.

Not of Evil and Good,

Nor a literal food

But of man knowing better than He.


Now Eve bought the lies of the Snake.

The forbidden fruit she did partake.

She said “I know the plan,

Better than the I AM.

I am certain that He’s made a mistake.


“Adam, you should be wearing some pants. (she said)

And you should not work hard like the ants.

And in birth and in rain

I should never feel pain.

Now I must hide from God in the plants.”


Then God came to Adam and his wife.

Said He, “Why have you brought on this strife?

Though I yearn for you still

You’ve rejected my will

And you’ll wrestle with me all your life.”


“Now Adam,” I AM said, “As for you,

I can tell that you ate the fruit too.

Now you must build a house

And provide for your spouse.

For I speak not in ‘should be’ but ‘do’.”


When that Serpent practiced to deceive,

His lies changed the perceptions of Eve.

After taking a bite,

How it poisoned her sight.

Her rebellion to this day we grieve.


Satan’s promise, when pondered, seems odd.

He said man could grow equal to God?

Only when we agree

To be lesser than He

Can we see that our own path is flawed.


Now in every man there grows a tree

Bearing knowledge of how things ‘should be’.

When we argue the plan

Given by the I AM

We reveal our fallen ancestry.


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