The Helmet of Self Righteousness

Posted by rjagilbert on December 3, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Part 3 of the "wrong" armor series.


The Demon Armor I address in this work is based on the Biblical “Armor of God” as listed in Ephesians 6. Most Christians are familiar with this passage and the spiritual trends represented. Few Christians, in reality, adhere to these spiritual traits. One or more of them have been replaced by the cursed armor-pieces I discuss here.


The Helmet of Self-Righteousness


Here’s where we start to see some real differences between Christians who wear Paul’s Armor of God and those who don the Demon Armor. At least, those who do not wear the Helmet of Self-Righteousness see the differences. Those who do wear this cursed helmet see nothing much of anything.


The Helmet of Self-Righteousness is a bucket, inverted over the wearer’s head down to the shoulders, without any openings through which to see. Some who wear it may claim that there is indeed something to see within; the well-polished interior allows its wearer to see themselves—which is the only thing they want to see. This polished surface reflects to the viewer the message of perfection; there is no fault revealed in this mirror.


The purpose of a helmet is to protect its wearer’s most vital region, the head, while still allowing functional visibility of the world beyond. This cursed helmet tells its wearer that there is nothing worth seeing beyond themselves. A self-oriented nature is the primary manifestation of this cursed implement.


At first, self-righteousness manifests as an oblivious attitude toward the surrounding world and people. The wearer feels that, if it’s not about them, it’s not important enough to pay attention to. Then, when battle comes, the wearer cannot identify his target. In blind desperation, he strikes out at anything and everything within range.


The full helmet and visor, which concealed the faces of men in medieval battle, necessitated the advent of a crest upon each warrior’s shield and helmet. The purpose of this crest was to identify each combatant to his allies. Such a crest is found upon the Helmet of Self-Righteousness (also on the Shield of Legalism, discussed later). This crest is the assertion that “God is on my side”, seemingly identifying the Self-Righteous as one whose cause is authorized and anointed by God on high. History is full of individuals who performed or commanded crimes against humanity under this assertion that “God was on their side.”


The world is a frustrating place to those who’d like to ignore it; they cannot avoid its frequent and random imposition into their lives. Self Righteousness not only ignores, but denies the existence of inconvenient truths. When truth rears its head despite all efforts to avoid it, the self-righteous must invent myths of blame to explain what they dare not acknowledge.


God is true. In fact, most religions assert that God is real. He is not a manifestation of our creativity as are such statues of Baal and Zeus that were once worshipped as false gods. Nor is God a concept, such as Law or Money, that only exists where two or more agree that it is. God is real, and He is also omnipresent. If that is indeed the case, then all that is real is God. The Self-Righteous deny their own experience—their own relationship with reality—if it does not agree with the myths and scriptures that they have accepted into their little bucket-helm of a world. The result is a denial of reality.


If denial of God is the sin that separates us from Him, then denial of Reality is the very same deadliest of sins.


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