He wants the bards to sing his name throughout the empire of Atlantis.

   He wants his fame to live on forever.

   The children of angels have always been known for their heroic deeds. But their standards are changing. Disillusioned by corruption amongst his kin, Saph sets out on his own to make a name for himself. Then he meets Jared, a humble shepherd boy hiding an exceptional secret. Together they embark on what Saph considers the lowliest of assignments: to guide this young man into adulthood amid the rising tumult of war and depravity.

   When their journey takes them into the ruins of a lost empire, and into the company of a reclusive woman with her own mysterious quest, they discover that some of the humblest of endeavors can lead to the most heroic of deeds the world has ever known.

Men of Renown blends the fantasy of Atlantis, the legend of Eden, and the ageless aspirations of humanity into a sword-and-sorcery adventure not to be soon forgotten.

The fact that this story has lingered in obscurity for so long is a tragedy.
--Jessiqua Wittman
I love the Tales of Vantoria Series. Robert J. A. Gilbert knows how to keep you turning the pages.
I can't wait for the 4th!  --Amazon Customer


   When Wenchel follows a map left in an old, forgotten Bible, he steps through a gateway into a world where dragons and flying cars share the skies, goblins prowl the night, and a magic castle waits for its king to return. Reluctantly joining a quest to stop a mysterious threat to the land of Shift, Wenchel soon discovers that, in a world where faith can control miracles, the most ordinary of things can lead to the most extraordinary of adventures.
   Soon Wenchel and his friends find themselves battling for their lives against monsters, magic, and themselves. After a series of perilous misadventures, our heroes discover just how diverse their ideas of faith, prayer, trust, and salvation really are. When their leader's powerful sword is stolen, they must put aside their differences and confront the thief before the sword that was once wielded for good becomes a tool for pure evil.
   Tales of Vantoria: The Sarian's Sword is more than just a book; look for the journal pages inside for chances to join the adventure. Solve puzzles, navigate maps and mazes, and put yourself in the place of these heroes as they put their faith to the ultimate test.

Solve this puzzle and more as you follow Wenchel on his adventures through the World of Shift.

Gilbert has masterfully crafted a fast-paced, humorous tale of adventure and faith...
--Chris Solaas


"Just because you are a child of God,
that doesn't mean you can act like a child!"
   O'Mary Saint Isaac is a fairy with a reckless thirst for adventure. Renaud is a battle-hardened swordsman with no time for fun and games. The two could not be more opposite in how they live their faith; while Renaud relies on his strength and his caution, Mary trusts in the Lord to deliver her from danger. 
   When Mary wanders into the world of Shift, she finds herself with more adventure than she bargained for, and Renaud finds himself with more trouble than he can handle. Lost in a forest and surrounded by an army of ferocious trolls, Mary joins forces with the swordsman and his small band of adventurers. Soon the two are separated from their friends and faced with a desperate quest: to protect a group of helpless children from the marauding enemy. But there is more at stake than just rescuing the innocent and repelling the enemy, because behind this army of monsters lurks an even more dangerous foe.
   The Lucky and the Strong is the second book in the Tales of Vantoria series. In this adventure, Mary and Renaud discover how different two people's belief in God can be. Can Renaud protect his reckless companion from the perils of the forest? Will the differences in their beliefs divide them...or bring them even closer together?

Couldn't put it down! I love the Tales of Vantoria. These books are so much fun. I really connected with the characters and at the end of each chapter I had to keep reading to find out what happens. I can't wait for the third book!

--Amazon Customer


"You said this was going to be a diplomatic visit,” Wenchel said.

Luciana sighed. “With my mother, it’s always a diplomatic visit.”

  The city of Samsara beckons like a shimmering beacon of splendor above the tree line high in the mountains of Peace. Upon arriving, however, Wenchel and his friends find themselves in the most undiplomatic of situations. Embroiled in a civil war, the city is anything but the safe and scenic waypoint for their next adventure.

   Rescued from a half-mechanical komodo and his army of drone soldiers, the companions soon find themselves joined by Captain Grolit, a short-tempered rifleman, and Jeremy, an unfortunate boy caught in the middle of the fighting. Racing through the city toward a fateful meeting with the one woman who offers hope of escaping the enveloping turmoil and intrigue, our companions discover that nothing is as it seems in the city of splendor and illusion. Can Wenchel and his friends find their way to safety before a power-hungry tyrant closes his grasp over the entire city?

   The third installment of the Tales of Vantoria series, Dungeon of Illusion offers yet another non-stop adventure filled with thrills and surprises for the entire family.

From the unexpected arrest on the first page to the exciting conclusion, this book is a non-stop run-for-your-life adventure with twists along the way to keep you guessing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and gave it five stars.
--Chris Solaas