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The Binding

Sometimes the only difference between a blessing or a curse…is who you share it with.

Fortune hunter John Stone doesn’t consider himself a thief, but Irene O’Connell knows otherwise. An assistant curator at the London Museum of Antiquities, she still hasn’t forgiven him for the last time he beat her to an important set of artifacts. Struggling over a mysterious relic in a forgotten chamber below Berlin, they awaken an ancient power previously bound to a 19th century Prussian emperor and his enigmatic wife. Now John and Irene keep waking up together as though they are married—no matter how far apart from each other they try to get.

To make matters worse, someone else is also looking for this relic…and they will stop at nothing to get it. As John and Irene begin to work together to discover the origins of this enchantment, they find themselves embroiled in something much more sinister than Europe’s art underworld. Exploring crypts and castles in their search for answers, can John and Irene unravel the secrets of the relic’s past before the darker side of history repeats itself?

The Binding is a blend of romance, adventure, mystery, and a dash of the supernatural set in some of Germany's most breathtaking--and creepy--historic locations.