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TALES OF VANTORIA:  Dungeon of Illusion

“You said this was going to be a diplomatic visit,” Wenchel said.

Luciana sighed. “With my mother, it’s always a diplomatic visit.”

The city of Samsara beckons like a shimmering beacon of splendor above the tree-line high in the mountains of Peace. Upon arriving, however, Wenchel and his friends find themselves in the most undiplomatic of situations. Embroiled in a civil war, the city is anything but the safe and scenic waypoint for their next adventure.

Rescued from a half-mechanical komodo and his army of drone soldiers, the companions soon find themselves joined by Captain Grolit, a short-tempered rifleman, and Jeremy, an unfortunate boy caught in the middle of the fighting. Racing through the city toward a fateful meeting with the one woman who offers hope of escaping the enveloping turmoil and intrigue, our companions discover that nothing is as it seems in the city of splendor and illusion. Can Wenchel and his friends find their way to safety before a power-hungry tyrant closes his grasp over the entire city?

The third installment of the Tales of Vantoria series, Dungeon of Illusion offers yet another non-stop adventure filled with thrills and surprises for the entire family.

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